Paci-safe quests in Dragonflight


acthelion: In any event, I'm happy to help you learn. May 26, 2020 12:25:11 GMT -5
echogekkos: Into my first very first Ironman as a warrior! Couple close calls but still going strong. I'm 54 right now, but would you recommend Outland or Northrend once I'm 60? (may have to earn more gold as I only have 50gp to my name. not enough for flying) Sept 2, 2020 13:27:03 GMT -5
twofrog: Quick question, I've returned after quite a long break. I know we can't add challengers atm. Whats the max lvl I'm allowed to be before registering so I know when to stop until registrations come back up? Thanks in advance x Nov 19, 2020 12:07:27 GMT -5
iamsnowlc: i cannot import my charakter can where help me? Jan 9, 2021 9:55:45 GMT -5
surviverchallenge: I have an idea for a new leveling challenge where would I post this? Feb 14, 2021 14:34:26 GMT -5
surviverchallenge: never mind I figured it out :) Feb 14, 2021 14:40:00 GMT -5
rastafaria: question, before shadowlands release I took all the gear off of my greenman characters to reduce the risk of gear being changed with this xpac, but now they are yellow flagged? I just equipped all their gear and they are still flagged? May 16, 2021 19:00:43 GMT -5
verik: Where would I find information on when I need to leave a zone while doing the Ironman challenge? Aug 24, 2021 13:15:00 GMT -5
Xaya: using Chromie time, you can go just about anywhere. As you get higher, named mobs gets harder and harder, so you'll probably end up skipping them Aug 31, 2021 6:00:25 GMT -5
raiuser: can some one answer this pls?: regarding to the rule that buffs are not allowed, is a healing spell, considered a buff? - while lvling, a random druid gave me the healing over time buff, while i was in combat. am i red flagged? Sept 24, 2021 12:32:50 GMT -5
Xaya: no you are not flagged is another player randomly buff or heal you Sept 28, 2021 5:44:18 GMT -5
rosikpirigol: Have a great one, guys! Oct 22, 2021 4:27:48 GMT -5
listener: Can you remove yourself from a challenge? I have a red flagged Pacifist that I thought I could move to the Working Man, but I can only be on one challenge. May 19, 2022 8:30:34 GMT -5
Xaya: sorry for the late reply, but if you log in with battlenet, on the 'My characters' page, you'll be able to remove the toon from a challenge May 26, 2022 16:57:43 GMT -5 *
Xaya: of course the toon will have to be green or yellow flagged to register for the new challenge. If you can't register because of not enough kills, just kill mobs until you can register. Workingman must be registered at lvl 20 or below May 26, 2022 17:00:38 GMT -5 *
twofrog: Hi folks. I seem to be having a problem finding the discord server from the info on the main site. Do you have a direct link please? Thanks Jun 24, 2022 4:14:08 GMT -5
Xaya: it's on the 'about us' page Jun 29, 2022 5:12:20 GMT -5
Xaya: looks like that link doesn't work. I'll do some research and come back with an answer Jun 29, 2022 5:14:32 GMT -5
Xaya: link for discord corrected Jul 8, 2022 7:11:24 GMT -5
shadehand: Hi, are talents in wotlk allowed? Feb 5, 2023 2:36:05 GMT -5
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